Teach the child to love their grandparents

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The greatest treasure that a child can have is their grandparents. Grandparents are not about old beliefs and wrinkles but they are love personified. It is important to guide a child towards loving their relatives and grandparents. Most families these days are nuclear set ups and others choose to live apart but in proximity. This may done with the reason to give space or also for other reasons of convenience.

There may be many issues that surface while living in a family. Children do not understand politics but they build negativity when fights happen. If there are needless arguments in front of children they develop a downbeat personality. The signs of this personality include bad manners, back answering and sheer disrespect towards others. The most fearful aspect is the child drawing into a shell. Steer clear of such loud outbursts and place your views in a amicable manner.

Kids cannot bifurcate love. The attention they get from their grandparents is essential for their growth. The glory of the kings and queens of the nation, extolling mythology and interesting stories during bed times is narrated well by grandparents. It is a natural desire for the grandparents to see their grandchild grow and develop skills. One must also remember that love grows with sharing and family is all about bonding.

Make a special time on weekends to be together as a family. Include grandparents for the animation flicks, dinners and garden visits. Let them take the child for a walk and explain to your kids about the Gods and Goddesses in the temple. Let kids value participation by running errands for them. Grandparents are at the evening of life and it would be a crime to deprive them of nurturing their grandchildren. Keep aside all your reservations and open your mind towards the bonding.

On anniversaries and birthdays of grandparents make it a point to have a small celebration. Kids love decoration and cutting cakes. Simple gestures are reciprocated by them. Click lot of pictures of them with their grandparents on festivals, casual home atmosphere and also while at a party. Let all of them bond freely and unconditionally. If the child is truly blessed with both sets of grandparents, then it is double joy. Let the kids choose the gifts for their grandparents. Respect will earn respect. These are joys which money can’t buy.