Hair cuts for children

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Getting your one year old to sit on that chair in a salon is indeed a tough job! With all the tears, irritation, shouts and restlessness getting your child his/her haircut will require you to have a energy bar before going to the salon!

As parents what can be done is to keep the child involved with some activity where he or she would be busy playing and the haircut can smoothly begin. If your child likes puzzles, take a few along and get him or her involved with it so that at least half his attention will be diverted.
In urban cities like Mumbai and Delhi, special parlours for children have sprung up where a child-like environment is created (very similar to a play school) so that the child can feel comfortable and the hair dresser does not have a tough time giving a good hair cut to your child!

Before going to a parlour, tell your child or induce him or her into how good they will look after a haircut. Show them some photographs of other children with good haircuts. This can help to create a mindset that will be ready for going to a parlour. Some of the parents take their children to the parlous without the child knowing anything about the haircut. Since this comes as a shock to them, they start crying and throwing tantrums. Hence prepare your child before you take him or her to a hair dresser.

If possible, choose a hair dresser that can tackle children well. Some of them tend to finish a job quickly and do not really care whether the child is crying or throwing tantrums, On the other hand, if a hair dresser involves the child into conversation, haircuts can be smooth and hassle-free.