Handling Child’s Night Fears

Night Fears
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Most of the children face troubles during night. It is a common sight to see children not willing to sleep alone because of night fears factor. The point is children often feel fear, anxiety or some sort of hidden monsters and its job of the parents to make the child feel comfortable. Don’t make fun of your child if you find him scared in night. Rather, push him to talk freely about it so that he/she can share his fears freely. Disparaging or ridiculing the kid won’t help the cause at all. Night fears might be a joke for adults but for kids it is a very real scenario. Children are not able to distinguish between meaningless fears and reasoning aspect. Children will be very relieved to know you listen to them and understand their fears.

Few comforting lines you say and all of sudden your kid is at ease. Just try saying him, ‘It’s all okay, nobody is going to hurt you. I am here to protect you and take care of you.” These words will have magical effects on the child. Many parents don’t talk about kids’ fears worrying about its negative effects. In fact, not talking about their fears will have adverse consequences. Make your child learn that one has to be courageous in life and take every challenge head on. One must not run away from fears.

Small gestures like a hug or tender kiss go a long way in tackling child’s fears. Don’t get irrigated about silly questions raised by the children on topics like ghost or monsters. Nullify the fear effect with your love and encouraging words. Keep an understanding tone and sooner than later, your child will overcome all the fears.