Handling stress in period of Exams

Handling stress in period of Exams
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Exams are a way to build seriousness in a curriculum. Schools give notice much ahead in advance so that the child has enough time to learn and practice. The extra classes are just to give more support to the child in understanding a concept better. Children have an intrinsic quality to learn things and retain the subject matter, provided it is taught in a proper manner.

Parents too get stressed during their children’s exams. It is important to first lower our pressure so that the child is not affected. Working parents need to make their days more flexible and allow themselves to unwind early so that the child is not neglected. Many times children are well prepared and yet go blank when the paper arrives. This is a case of chronic phobia and many times it’s a kind of mental pressure that disallows clear thinking.

It is important to get the child attuned to daily tasks like homework. Though it is good to be around the child constant nagging will not help. Children who perform due to pressure will succumb to low grades once they are on their own. Though parents play a huge role in helping the children with academics, in the later years the child has to solve his own chemistry equations. Hand holding in an emotional support is more preferred.

The relation between unhealthy eating habits and studies is very much proven. The enzymes produced in a child who is constantly craving for junk food does not calm the mind. Hence there is confusion and the result is untimely eating or sluggish life habits. Help the child finish his cereal and make time to converse on the breakfast table. Without building pressure, concentrate on the positive points and strike a balance it expressing your expectations.

Both parents have a different style of parenting and the positive traits in both parents help a child excel in studies. It is about building an attitude to work hard so that the results are consistent in terms of grades or knowledge. Stress is a common occurrence before any performance and it is important to not let the child lower his confidence. A bit of pranayama and relaxing well before receiving the questionnaire is beneficial.