Happy Friendship Day!

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Friends are important for growth and progress in life. Children esteem friendship and as parents we too love to see them bond. They instantly bond at the play area or in a mall and talk incessantly to the child at the neighboring swing. Sharing is their natural need and though they may seem possessive about their play things their joy multiplies while playing together. As the play group kids graduate to kindergarten and matriculation, they get into various kinds of friendships.

Usually classmates bond well as they also need to do their projects. Such friendships during alma mater usually go on to life long ones. It is actually quite easy for children to forget misunderstandings and say sorry. Though as parents we may feel protective about the choice of our friends it is important that we understand their preferences too. We can always tell them about good and wrong company and yet let them learn by watching.

Friendship day is a day of celebration. The satin thread tied on the friends hand is symbolic of a bond which is special and holds meaning. Make time this day to call your friend who has relocated and communication lines are more accessible with the improvement in technology. Take the opportunity to call a friend whose birthday you missed or could not attend her family function.

Friends make life livable. It is important to teach our children to value their friends. The important thing about friendship is to accept that your friend is different from you and yet respect his or her preferences. Friendship is beyond religion and geographical boundaries. The small little birthday parties and the special times of bonding with their friends in play school is a fond memory. The rugby game at school or the defeat they felt in the game of chess will become a nostalgic memory as you mature in the years to come. Let children enjoy the gift of friendship!