Harmful toys

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As parents you may be aware there some of the toys that are made of plastic/fur can be a harmful toys for your children and in extreme cases can lead to choking. Always look for toys that have the safety symbol and check the plastic content in it. You may take the help of the sales staff.

There are many toys that have lead in it. It is harmful when children are exposed to lead and it is reported that nearly four million toys had lead content in them! Though there are strong measures that are now being adopted against toy manufactures, as parents try and avoid toys that you feel may have lead content in them.

Teddy bears and dogs are surely cute but the fur that is used in these toys can suffocate you kids. Avoid letting your child play with these toys for long hours. Also be careful about the loose parts that can easily come out of the dolls and the cars and be careful that your children do not put those things in mouth.Harmful toys

Also be careful of toys that have long strings or ropes because these toys pose the risk of the child strangulating himself or his friends. Such toys should be totally avoided especially if your child is a toddler.

In case your child is into reading books or seeing pictures in different books, make sure that the sharp edges of the books do not harm your child.

Also, the new trend is to give mobiles to children so that they can play with it and remain silent for hours. Not only are you risking the baby but the mobile as well!