Helping Your Child Cope Up With School Pressures!

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Schooling children are often found to be confused and anxious about dealing school pressures and being good at academics in particular. Apart from studies, there is a pressure to compete with other students in the class. That only doubles the stress, tensions and anxiety within a child.

However, if your child is already good at managing everything, then surely he/she is a genius.

But most students who are found to be more practical in life hate studying in school and this is the main reason why they do not fare well. It’s not that they don’t have it in them to make the mark in academics and other extra curricular activities but its their interest in learning or rather “mugging up” what is being taught up in school.

As a parent, they know that you expect good marks in all subjects and they really feel scared of you i.e. their parents, if they fail in any subject. This certainly makes them feel worse in cases of not being able to perform as expected by you. Another source of pressure is from school headmasters and teachers who expect children to keep behaving in a certain way, conform to the rules and regulations, maintain discipline at all costs, complete homework on time, start preparing for exams and maintain their relationships with other students in the class.

Don’t you think, it’s getting too much for your child?

Now here is what you can do to ease off a lot of pressure from your child’s head:

Take them for a good movie or an outing as much as possible. If you can do that at least once in a week or even more than four times a month, nothing like it.

Play with them. Let them go and play any sport they like every day. “All work and no play makes jack a dull boy”.

Sing with them.

Dance with them as often as you can.

Give them a hug and a kiss as and when possible.

Smile at them as and when possible.

Play musical instruments with them.

Read them a story book or even tell them stories as often as you can.

Don’t get too busy with work that you lay back your relationship with your family, especially your kids. When kids are growing they look in to their parents as role models and their can be no better role models if you can keep telling them a lot of resourceful information.

Knowledge is Power. Keep making them aware about various realities of nature and life.

The key here is to help them improve their satisfaction and concentration levels along with their interest in studies. And that can only happen if you co-operate with them and help improve their concentration levels by making studying as interesting and imaginative as possible.

If your child is lagging behind in academics, only one hour of “undisturbed” and “dedicated” study five days a week can improve their ranking and results drastically without much hindrance.

What you can do as a parent is create a plan or a route-map of studying subjects, and even outline what to study and what not to study. You as a parent can even use the power of imagination to help them memorize their learning. You must teach them to write the exam papers, that’s the real art.

Ultimately if you’re expecting your child to come out with good grades, realize that your child is still a child – not an adult. Help them succeed in what you want them to succeed. There’s no other way than this. Keep your child’s spirit high and see the results yourself.