Holistic Learning

Holistic learning
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Holistic learning is a revolutionary concept in all the spheres of life, especially academics. This concept has hanged many lives. Holistic learning is applicable to all types of students’ right from elementary to senior pro. Not many people know about this concept. Most of us still follow the old format of memorizing lessons in order to perform better at exams. We are more of result oriented rather than learning process oriented. The traditional method is known as Rota learning where emphasis is upon memorizing the things. A child is more focused on remembering certain information that might come handy in the exams.

Many parents complain of child not performing good at exams. For such parents, concept of holistic learning has come as a boon. It maximizes the child’s potential apart from improving his thought process in all departments’ of life. Unlike traditional method where complete focus is on memorizing skills, holistic learning offers an entirely different paradigm. Basically, here the focus is on coordinating all parts of the body to perform a particular function. Mind is not the only instrument. The whole body is used for learning purpose. This method also emphasizes the need of using all the senses so that your learning becomes a combination of lessons learned by all the senses. In other words, more use of senses results into better learning.

For example, check new age schools where the moment child enters into nursery he is introduced to games, letters, songs, dance, stories etc. that way, he is able to use all the senses like touch, sound, sight, smell etc. consequently, he learns better. Holistic learning has become the new buzzword in educational circle. More and more parents are being aware of this revolutionary concept. Parents should initiate this method of learning to the child at an early age so that the kid could utilize his maximum potential.