How much difference is there in older and newer methods of Parenting

methods of Parenting
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Parenting has been changing over time. It’s like wearing new dresses as per the season fashion change, Similar to this, parents have to be changing and updating themselves in accordance to the child. Decades ago, what seemed acceptable today will be tsk-tsked upon or frowned upon. Parenting earlier used to be simpler. If there was a indication of bad behavior, parents and elders did what they thought fit at the time to correct that behavior. Today, parents have to think twice before they say or act out in any way. This is why books, parenting tips, work-shops, courses , brain-storming, discussions, child-psychologists and so much more have come into being and have now been deep-rooted in the culture of India. Whoever thought the day would come where you had to read up as to how to talk to your child in certain situations. Thousands of rupees are being spent on child development and psychologists for children make so much money because of their ability to understand the child-psyche better than Ahem, even parents sometimes!

These are just a few citings to portray how older and newer methods of parenting are different

Methods that are more effective with longer lasting impact are newer age methods because they are done methodically and with proper research and this gives definition to actions and reactions, both. Children pose many problems for adults but in their minds, they believe that even adults may be troublesome to them in ways and to create a strike or balance between the two parties, it is important to study the psychology of both the parent and the child.