How To Calm Your New-Born Baby!

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All new-born babies cry. Why?

Because when they are new born, they are made to cry so as to know that are perfectly normal i.e. can speak, hear and talk.


But it is not that they keep crying the whole day and that too even after fed with milk and food, changing diapers or even are healthy enough.

According to researchers, taking your baby in your arms and caressing them makes the baby calmer. Even patting their back/chest lightly or stroking their head can be effective. Talking to your baby can even let them know that there is someone who cares for them. Singing a small lullaby or some playing soft music can be encouraging to the baby’s mind and the baby will surely to respond to some good music. Wrapping the baby in a warm blanket can do the rest of the magic.

Sometimes, it is definitely difficult to calm them up as they might be crying incessantly for some reason. Sometimes, you might not be able to bear their cries which does not mean that you show distress towards your baby. babies comes to know when you’re upset and when you’re not. In case, you cannot bear the baby crying and require a good break, take a break.

Don’t shake them if you feel stressed out hearing them crying all the time. That could just be fatal and can lead to brain damage, blindness or even death.