How To Handle Extremely Playful Children!

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Many-a-times, your child will ask you:

“Can I go and play mama?”

Playful Children

And you will be annoyed at the fact that your child just loves to do nothing else but play wonderfully all day. In fact, your child just keeps playing rather than study all day long. Now you are feeling let down and disturbed as your child does not like to study as much he/she likes to play.

How do you handle your extremely playful children and make them interested in studying?

Here’s something you can do…

Instead of them going outside and playing with his.her friends, make an effort to play as many games with them as possible. That will make them happier than ever and they will even find a friend in you. Once they have done that, you can even take up a book and make a story and teach them what has to be taught in a very simple story format that they will remember. If you’re able to create a visualization of their studies, they will find it easier to remember as if they watched a movie.

The point is you have to get them interested in what they must do rather than shout, scream, coax and force them to do what they might not love to do.