How to make babies wear shoes

babies wear shoes
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Most of the parents must have faced quite a handful of problems while trying to make their babies wear shoes. When a baby starts walking, he/she walks on dangerous surface. There are chances of dangerous objects hurting his feet. It could be broken glass or nail or sharp objects etc. But babies resent wearing shoes. In the initial stage when you try to make them wear it, either they will lose it or throw it. In that context, it is quite challenging for parents to make babies wear shoes.

The first thing parents should do is not to over worry about baby shoes issue. It is strongly recommended that babies till the age of two should walk barefoot. The reason being given is strengthening of muscles and enhancing his balance. Don’t try to force baby to wear shoes. That way, baby will find it even more cumbersome. If the child wants to be barefoot, let him be. Keep your home clean and have a close eye on dangerous objects so that child does not hurt himself. Keep supervising him closely and encourage him to walk on different surfaces like marble, grass and sand.

While you start hunting for right kind of shoes, keep few things in mind. The most important factor should be a soft sole. Shoes with hard sole are going to give trouble to your baby so get a pair that has soft and thin sole. Child’s feet keep growing so it is very imperative you buy shoes that has soft material and is very comfortable. Go for canvas or leather shoes instead of synthetic shoes. Also look for the flexibility of the shoes. Flexible shoes are very important for comfortable walking of child. Keep the shoe design simple and focus more on comfort factor.