How to prepare for PreSchool

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Children are usually sent to pre-schools to make them ready for school or kindergarten. There are a number of activities conducted at the


to help your baby adjust to the atmosphere as well as teach them how to socialize and communicate.

Usually, as soon as children turn about 2 – 3 years old, they are enrolled in a pre- school. Many parents are of the opinion that their children will learn how to mingle with others in the pre-school while others see it as an alternative for day care. However, there are a few things parents should keep in mind before registering their children to a pre-school.

If a child is sent to a pre-school too early he/she can go through a lot of stress. To avoid this, parent should make sure their children are trained for the basics at least. If your child can sit at one place for a limited period of ten minutes, then he can be sent to a pre-school.

Another important factor is toilet training. The least he should be able to do is to inform you when he wants to visit the toilet. Also, your child should be able to intake solid foods. This would decrease the efforts by the teacher and increase your child’s self-esteem.

The last but significant factor is that your child should start building interest to do things by himself. If he isn’t interested at all he would not enjoy being a part of the group and would refuse to absorb or learn anything new.

These factors should be kept in mind by every parent before sending their child to a pre-school. Besides not learning anything, your child will also become a victim of stress and pressure if he or she is sent to a pre-school too early for his age.