How To Stop A Child From Lying Frequently!

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Fear is the root cause of dishonesty! Children, especially toddlers, are very sensitive in their nature. Moreover, they don’t know what is right or wrong; good or bad; honesty or dishonesty. They even don’t really know what really is confidence or fear meaning they cannot identify confidence or fear.

It is definitely due lack of awareness of these ideas along with fear of being beaten up leads to children lying habitually.

Lying Frequently

The purpose of lying habitually may, in case, be due to a certain repetitive want or fulfillment of desire.

Firstly, a parent should love their child so much that the child knows their parents love them.

Secondly, a parent must keep a watch their child is doing all the time. This will keep them in check.

Thirdly, a parent must set rules. One rule should be of maintaining honesty and discipline.

Fourthly, a parent should maintain a balance between ‘too much love’ and love.

Here are some steps to stop children from Lying Frequently :

Being Possesive is a very unacceptable situation for both, the parent and the child.

Being Possesive is not confidence in the child but shows a lot o fear that leads to a parent being posseisive and strict. This strictness leads to fear in a child due to which the child might form a habit of lying habitually.

Love is more realistic as it keeps a parent with the contention in mind that their child will keep faith in their love. True love lets the parent see the reality, face it without fear and removes the fear of being punished from the child’s mind.

Instead, it instills faith in the relationship between the parent and the child which is more important.

Frequent communication between the parent and child can be the key here.

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