Increasing the child’s attention span

attention span
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By reducing distractions, like switching off the television while your child is studying or hanging up the phone if he is getting disturbed would also help him concentrate more. Moreover, meals play an important role in increasing the attention span of children. Make sure that your child is not skipping meals due to the stress of exams. Also, avoid letting him consume heavy food as it tends to make the child languid and lazy. Milk and nuts strengthen the concentration power and increase the attention span.

Most parents worry more than the child when exams are due. Panicking is the solution to nothing. Instead every parent should help their children concentrate on their exams.

Firstly, it is very important to set a routine, like a time-table set up scheduled according to the exams. If children are taught to follow a routine, they will remember it throughout their life and will easily meet challenges in life. Secondly, research proves that furniture affects concentration. A study table should be provided to the child so that he can sit upright. While lying down, a child can’t concentrate as much and starts feeling sleepy.

According to experts, there should be a break after every 45 minutes of studying. The mind needs a minimum of ten minutes rest after an hour of concentration. Some children prefer studying early morning and the others at night. Parents should let them study whenever they want to.


Most importantly, exam material preparations shouldn’t be left for the last minute. For example, pencils, pens and other stationery should be in place. Uniform or the desired outfit for the day of the exam should be ironed and ready to pull on. All these little things help decrease stress and increase concentration power.

These basic things should be kept in mind by every parent to help their children focus better and feel confident. Encouraging children to do better boosts their self-esteem and makes them feel positive and upbeat.