Indian parenting and Indian mythology

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It is wonderful feeling if you are expecting. There is lot of truth that indicate the nature of the new born as per the values inculcated in the womb. The trimesters go on to becoming nine adorable months. Each month indicates development of the physical features of the fetus which slowly starts taking the shape of a new born. Here are more infomation on Indian parenting.Garbh sanskar is mentioned in the Hindu scriptures. The narration or mere listening of the mantras chanted is soothing for the new born and mother. Percussion music is also preferred and it is like magic to see the new born or infants turn their heads or twitch their eyes when they hear the same music once heard in the womb. The mothers heartbeat is the earliest sound for them and hence the connection or bond stays even after severing the umbilical cord.

Expectant mothers undergo lot of bodily changes, bloating, indigestion problems and aversion for food. Sometimes there is a urge to eat a specific food and also at the same time there is a need to exercise caution not to eat junk food or road side uncovered items. Boiled water is essential to avoid infections.

A ritual of early morning puja happens in all households after a bath. Each individual chants mantras or shlokas as per their interest or depending on their faith in the deity. It is essential to continue these rituals and if possible repeat the mantras aloud. There are surely many thoughts coming to your mind about delivering the child, myths about breast feeding and also how to cope with the housework and nursing a child. Listening to inspiring stories, famous proverbs, music and garbh sanksar is a excellent method of conditioning the mind. It is common in Hindu households to listen to the rendering of Ramayana to emulate the qualities of Rama in the child. What actually matters is listening about truth, virtue, and valour.

Abhimanyu never learnt the art of chakravyuh but had overheard Krishna narrating this art to his mother Subhadra about the same and hence could recollect the same usefully to save himself during the war of Mahabharatha. Prahlad was the son of the evil Hrinayakashipu as a devout of Lord Vishnu. As the rakshasa was practicing penance, Narada was shielding Prahlad’s mom in a hermitage. Daily tales of Lord Vishnu were narrated to the expectant mother and Prahlad imbibed the virtues of godly nature.

Actually one has to actually experiment this truth. It is a truth that mothers who are exposed to lot of torture or in the habit of addictions and negativity often beget kids who are hyperactive and face the ADHD syndrome. This affects the raising of the child and several attempts later to psychology treat the child will be rendered ineffective.

Most of all talk to the child from the time of conception, hum along songs or devotional renderings, practice deep breathing and clear your mind. All this for a child to be born with a healthy mind and a strong body.