Taking care your little one’s teeth

infant development
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You have just noticed that your baby has started putting fingers in his/her mouth more frequently. It’s the time when first teeth will start emerging. This is the part of infant development. As parents, you may want to follow the perfect oral care routine for your kid but you may be unaware about a lot of things. Here is how you can ensure that you give the appropriate dental care to your kid.

First a fall, notice all the changes in your baby’s mouth. You should in fact lift the lip and see the changes that have occurred. Visit a dentist if you notice something unusual.

Ask the dentist about fluoride which is an important mineral responsible for making strong teeth. It helps to fight cavities. There are many branded toothpastes in the market that do not contain fluoride in the right quantity. Hence ask your dentist to suggest good toothpaste for your little one. You may even want your child to be benefited from fluoride drops or tablets in case need arise. Confirm it with your dentist.

This recommendation may sound obvious but there are many parents who do not make their infant brush daily (twice a day)! Clean your baby’s teeth in the morning and at night before going to bed.

Special toothbrushes are available for cleaning infant gums. Use them along with a moist cloth for better cleaning. Limit the intake of sugar as they tend to cause cavities. After breast feeding, ensure that your child drinks a little water as milk left in the mouth can also cause cavities. All in all, regular dental check up can go a long way in keeping your infant’s teeth strong and healthy.