Late Pregnancy

Late pregnancy
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Pregnancy is seen in women in their late twenties or early thirties. However, most women planning to conceive in their late thirties have a lot of apprehension regarding the complications that might occur due to the age. It is a fact that planning a baby late in life poses conception problems. A women’s fertility decreases with age and thus it becomes difficult to get pregnant. It is important to consult a gynecologist so that you can plan your baby accordingly. It is noticed that women who get pregnant in their late thirties pose the chance or the risk of giving birth to babies with some chromosomal defects. Also, the mother also poses the risk of high blood pressure, diabetes etc.

Late pregnancies also increase the chances of the baby getting Down’s syndrome which is related to mental retardation. There is also a study that shows that the risk of pregnancy-related death is two to three times higher for women over 35 as compared with women in their twenties.

There are not many psychological risks that such women face but increased nervousness and irritation are observed commonly. There may also be a lack of patience while handling and caring for the child. Bringing up a child can be very demanding especially during the teens and when mothers of such children are over 50, it becomes difficult to nurture them and the age gap creates difficulty in mutual understanding. Hence, to-be parents should try and plan their babies when they are in their late twenties!