Low scores in exams

Low scores
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If you are an anxious parent of a child who Low scores in exams and do not know what steps you should take to improve on your child’s performance, you may want to read further to tackle such a situation.

First and foremost, stop cursing your child for his poor performance. He may already facing rejection and depression from his friends, school mates and others. What he needs right now is someone who can understand him.

Take your child out to a place where you can sit with him alone without any disturbances and start a conversation. Do not jump into the matter of poor performance in exams and the related reasons for the same. Start by talking about general life or a subject that he loves the most. He may want to tell you about his latest smash in tennis, be patient, listen to it and show your excitement with his.

Now that you have established the comfort, you can introduce the topic by talking about the subject he likes, the teachers he likes and dislikes- reasons for the same, his friends, and other activities in school and finally ask him about the reasons he thinks he performs poorly in exams. Do not accept excuses. Tell your child about the importance of academics even though he may want to be a tennis player – If there a genuine problem that your child is facing with his studies, visit a counselor.