How to Detect Migraine

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One of common ailments these days is severe headaches. Also known as migraine, this is particularly painful and irritating problem often experienced by teenagers. The difference between a normal headache and migraine is pain factor. A headache can easily go away whereas this continues for a longer duration. It can be even life threatening. According to one stat, 25-30% of women and 15-20% of men occasionally suffer from migraines. If your teenager is going through


problem, it’s high time you take it seriously.

If we try to go deep into headaches, it is divided into two categories of tension headaches and migraine. In first condition, pain can prolong to neck and back and there is a consistent pain around the head. Any reason could cause this problem. It could be eye strain, dental problems, contraction of facial muscles etc. In this case , you start feeling intense excruciating pain on one side of the face that later spreads to all parts of head and face. Symptoms could be vomiting, blocked nose, nausea etc.

The cause of migraine could be anything including changes in hormonal levels. Even particular foods or drugs can cause severe headache. Stress and anxiety could be other possible reasons. It’s hard to pinpoint a specific cure for migraine. Many people resort to taking painkillers like ibuprofen or aspirin that can bring some relief. People with severe migraine attacks can consult doctors and opt for preventive drugs. However, you can definitely suggest some precautions to your kid. Ask him to lie down in a darkened room and relax. Maintain a healthy eating and sleeping cycle. Stress should definitely be avoided. There is no quick fix solution but try maintaining balance in your life.