Power of Mind

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Human mind is capable of processing enormous information. It has tremendous power to fetch and retrieve stored information within micro seconds. As we grow, we meet new people, some we befriend and some don’t matter to us. In between the two, there is another category of people who are repelled by our brain. When we are surrounded by them, we develop negative thoughts, negative energy. This negativity may be due to hatred, jealousy or any other reason.  No matter how hard we try to purify our thoughts but we never get a clean mind which is void of all the negativity.

The negative thoughts clutter our mind and leave no room for the positive thoughts to nourish. Here, the rule is simple.  In a limited space our mind holds, only one of the two feelings can survive. The negativity blocks our vision and we tend to lose focus in life. Whenever a cluttered mind attempts to learn or achieve something, the first thought that comes is the fear of failure. Instead of believing in one’s abilities the mind forces one to worry the unknown.  For a holistic growth of an individual it is necessary that his mind is free of clutter.

In our houses to accommodate new things in an already packed room, we first throw the unwanted things to make space for the new articles, similarly we need to declutter our mind to have fresh thoughts.

In the yogic science of India, it is said that meditation has the power to soothe and calm our sensory system. A serene mind helps to boost our concentration and build a positive outlook towards life. The Art of living Foundation considers “Meditation as something that gives deep rest. It is an activity in which a practitioner sits and lets the mind dissolve “. According to them it is the art of deconcentrating mind.

When we first try to attempt meditation it seems to be an impossible task. Sitting idle and thinking nothing seems unachievable to the beginners. But with a little practice and gradual steps it does wonders. It has a therapeutic impact on the body. It helps us gain self- consciousness, relaxes our senses, makes our mind clear of any stresses and leads us to the path of compassion and generosity.