Precautions to be taken during Monsoon

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Monsoon comes as a combined package containing relief from heat, beautiful surroundings, and also a host of illnesses and diseases. Children are the most prone to these diseases. Here’s how to keep yourself and your family safe this monsoon season.

Mosquitoes are the main carriers of disease-causing microbes. Mosquitoes abound during the monsoon season, and cause Malaria and Dengue on a large scale. Although various malaria-prevention drugs are available, these are not always effective. Thus keeping your home mosquito-free, is your top priority. A mosquito net around the bed not only looks lovely and Victorian, but also keeps mosquitoes away and is a better option than sleeping with a mosquito coil right next to you. Regular inhalation of chemicals found in mosquito coils and mats is not too good for you, but is definitely a better option than getting bitten by a mosquito and risking Malaria or Dengue. Carry a mosquito repellent cream with you and give a small tube to your children. The cream should be applied to any exposed areas if there are mosquitoes around.

Mixing of drainage/sewage water with drinking water happens frequently in the monsoon. Diseases like cholera are spread through feces, which is why it is essential to drink boiled water in the monsoon. Similarly, at a restaurant make it a point to drink bottled water or a soft drink instead of regular water. Most restaurants here don’t maintain the levels of hygiene you do at home.

Walking in dirty water can also lead to numerous diseases since it brings your feet into direct contact with sewage water. Thus it is essential that your children dress appropriately in the monsoon to avoid catching not just diseases, but also the common cold. Make sure your children wear gumboots in the monsoon season so that their feet remain dry and clean. They should also wear a raincoat with a hood, and carry an umbrella.

As parents you should not stop children from playing in the rain. But you must make sure that they do not play around gutters, manholes, etc. Also you must make sure they change their wet clothes immediately on returning home. Feed them something warm if possible. This can avoid common cold, or a possible fever as well. Apart from these, uncooked food, and outside food should be strictly avoided.

This will make sure your child safely enjoys the beautiful monsoon season.