Working Mothers

working mother
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With urbanization, new opportunities for mothers in the country has increased, more and more mothers are willing to work. It is obvious that working mothers cannot spend that much time with their children as full time mothers however, it is the balancing act that works!

Today, most psychologists and therapists stress on ‘quality time’. It is not that important how much time you spend with your kid as much as how you spend your time with the kid. Most kids look out for emotional support and love rather than ‘just being with them’.

Avoid television, radio or any other such distraction when you are chatting with your kid. You may be tired after work, but try to take him or her out for a stroll or for an ice-cream and have quality conversations with them. Try to know their thoughts and mental state of mind. If possible, try and avoid work related phone calls during the time you are with your kid. Make them realize that your kid is most important to you.

A crèche can also be a good option in case you do not want to leave your child alone at home. But it is advisable to check the crèche owner and his/her reputation and other qualifications.

Most mothers should opt for flexi working hours so that you are available to your kid when he/she needs you. Freelancing or working from home is the next best option that mothers can opt for since they can be at home looking after the kid and at the same time fulfill their passion to work.