Nutrition for Children

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It gives immense joy to every parent to watch their baby start eating solid foods. It’s enjoyable to see the baby’s facial expressions in reaction to the different tastes. On the intake on some foods, the baby’s face lights up with joy and his/her face scrunches up on eating the others. On the journey to becoming a toddler, your child develops liking and disliking for specific foods, and usually, the food that he/she likes, lacks nutrition.Nutrition for child
To increase your toddler’s nutrition, make the best of what he/she enjoys eating. If he likes grilled cheese, use brown bread instead of white. Make sure it includes whole wheat as an ingredient. Also, parents can add flavors to their child’s meal. Ketchup can be added to enhance the taste. Children love dipping their food in sauce. You can keep carrots along with ketchup or any other sauce that he like eating, and undoubtedly he would not think twice before eating the carrot.
Moreover, parents can decorate foodstuffs and make them look fancy. Like make a face with a dressing of fruits. This would appeal to the kids and add the face value of the foods. If your child hates eating the proper “roti-bhaaji”, wrap it up like a Frankie and add some flavor to it. Hide the stuff which your toddler is not fond of. Slice vegetables into pasta sauce. Be certain that the vegetables are properly covered.
It is important for every child to have a balanced diet. But this doesn’t mean keeping him completely away from junk. Allow your child to eat junk once in a while.
Besides, children tend to imitate their parents. If you eat fried chips, your child will ask for the same. If you eat healthy food, your child will demand the same. Therefore, it is important for every parent to be careful while eating in front of their child.
If your child is facing any kind of malnutrition problems, it is best to consult a pediatrician and find out the actual reason. A strong and fit base is very important for the healthy future of every child.