Parenthood – Your instincts are most important

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I am a young mother. I call myself young because I m not even an year old into motherhood! Before having my luvy dovey daughter in my hands I always boasted of my skills to handle children. No I wasn’t narcissist, I came from a big joint family. Had been surrounded by kids of different ages till I turned teen. Had seen it all, done it all at a tender age in today’s standards.  N yes it was easy to say I would be a great mother as I had no kid to handle after my graduation..

But phew the moment I became a mommy it was different.  It was not one time cleaning, or one time feeding. It was 24×7 job. A job I had never done before. I love her more than anything else but suddenly my life was changing. From eight hours sound sleep to no sleep sometimes. I feel every female misses her good night sleep once she’s a mommy.

Me n my husband had always been movie buff. From four movies a month we zeroed to no movie a month. From every weekend dining out to no dining out. We were happy doing this.         My journey to motherhood wasn’t easy sailing. After seeing so many unlucky pregnancies , I call them unlucky because they never sustained, I had a gift straight from the hands of God. She was all I had been wanting for past seven years. So it had to be this way. It was natural of us to restrict everything n focus only n only on her.

Surrounded by so many people I had helping hand when ever I needed. But my way of parenting is different. Everyone of us is programmed differently. But alas we humans have this habit of wanting everyone to b us!! I m no exception man!

 If I pamper my kid too much, they say she’s over parenting. If I let her cry sometimes they say she doesn’t have time for her kid, if she gains weight – off oh don’t feed too much , if she loses weight – u are a careless mother. If she falls while learning to walk- hey take time out to watch her, if you do – hey she will become a creeper if u hold her hand always!!

It was our choice to leave seeking pleasures by watching movies or dining our but people will never feel what you do is right.  Some said you can’t lock yourself out! If we went out people said you are enjoying maternity roaming around.

There are people who will always judge you. They are not one from your family but just ordinary people who don’t know what to do with their lives so want to peep into others. Even if they are unluckily your closed ones take it easy. Learn the art of taking good and leaving the rest. There are good advices too floating around. Go with your instincts.

With my few months experience what I have learnt is to do what as a parent you feel is right for your child , not what others want you to.  The bond your baby creates with you teaches u everyday what’s good for her. If you feel putting her in a little discipline is good for her do that, if u like your child being creepy n want him/her to learn on own as the time comes go ahead.  I have never seen a five year child same as he was when two years old. So it’s OK if someone wants kid to learn slow.

Believe me everyday is new in parenthood. What I feel was right yesterday is no more right today. We evolve everyday. We should else we would be dead!!!

Don’t feel guilty if you wanna take a break.  It doesnt make you a bad person. People will always judge you no matter what. We are humans not God. Take it easy.

Happy parenting.