Preparing for a competition

Participation in competition
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Participation is a prelude to competition. Most of the competitions held in school or gatherings are done for the sake of fun. The key idea is to create a lot of frolic and enthusiasm. A fancy dress competition at a toddlers pre school is the first opportunity for the parent to learn about the nature of competitions for kids. Preparing the child for a competition is a sensitive and deep subject. Parents must encourage kids to take participation in competition.

There are many rules to be followed while participating. Parents and coaches must update themselves and communicate the same to their ward well before the actual day of the competition. Competitions make children improve and also learn skills. Sports are a wonderful way to teach the kids to play as a team and achieve a collective goal. This also makes them concentrate and hone their physical capacity.

Often competitions are associated with a number game or award prizes. This is only a way to encourage children and acknowledge a winner. Many times parents unknowingly have this urge to bring their child forward and forcibly enroll the child in a dance or fancy dress competition. Our duty is to prepare the child and also help them with rehearsals. It should also be acknowledged that the child’s comfort level in terms of the game or dress is more important than winning the competition.

Poetry competition is a wonderful way to introduce the child to the stage. The child learns about posture, gait and the ability to speak aloud. Kids learn well among kids. It is amazing to see that kids get so enthusiastic seeing other kids perform that they cant wait to be on stage. It is also very important to communicate to the child about winning and losing.

Kids feel disappointment when they lose out on the competition. It is our duty to praise their participation spirit. Winning a game and winning awards is positive but participation is an important level. A child’s resentment can also be repaired with  a dinner out or a small token. Kids dote on their parents and their praise  is more important to them than an award or certificate.