Pre-School Admission

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A pre-school or a nursery school is the one which a child goes to before kinder garten/primary school or mainly before beginning kindergarten or Upper KG.

Preschool, which is the first five years of ones life, is a critical stage for building up the foundation for learning for one`s child. Many a time’s parents often send their child hurriedly to the pre-school before even taking the right judgment whether they are prepared or not. This happens because while parents prepare their child for a place to mingle with other children, they forget whether the child is actually ready to handle such a stress or no.

According to reports, more often than not, parents confuse a pre-school with a day care facility where they can keep their child for some work or involving themselves with other activity. They forget to even notice whether their child is actually ready to handle the stress or not.

Often reports suggest that teachers have a tough time to handle kids who have not been trained properly.

Following are the few signs which will help one notice whether the child is fully developed for a playschool admission or not.

Your child is ready for a pre-school admission when…

  • Is trained in his or her routine toilet activities. If he or she is trained to sit without a diaper it would be an added advantage to the teacher.
  • Food is another indication where a parent can judge whether the child is able to attend school or not. If your child is able to consume solid food, he/she would be like a feather in the cap for the teachers there.
  • Interest is another indication of when the child is ready to attend a pre-school or not. If he shows interest in playing with certain objects or identifying things like alphabets, words and so on he would prove to be less tension and be a good bargain gift for the teachers in school.

If you judge these indications right, your child would be ready to roll the dice in the pre-school which would be foundation for your child`s growth.