Pregnancy and Prenatal check ups

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Prenatal check ups are very important for an expectant mother. It would be a nice idea to accompany your husband for all the appointments. Make sure not to miss a single session and make up later in case you had to avoid an appointment. Gynecologists are busy people and hence make enough time ahead to choose a day to meet up with them. Also find all the alternative and emergency numbers of the clinic and the timings when the assistant doctors are available.

Firstly it is very necessary to build a rapport with the doctor. If the obstetrician is male please do not have any hang ups and the more you tend to hide facts, the lesser will be the ease and most of your queries will turn into complications. Make enough free time and also encourage your husband to put forth Prenatal check upshis queries. If you have had a recent surgery or had conceived with an artificial method then please convey the same to the doctor. Carry all your earlier reports, medical history, hospitalization history in case and be frank with your doctor.

Pre natal initial check ups are vital as during the time of confirmation of conception itself the doctor prescribes you on iron and calcium supplements. Folic acid is most important and the dosage has to be followed. Birth defects, spina bifida and other premature delivery problems are controlled with folic acid. If you are an asthmatic, suffer from high blood pressure or a diabetic then the pregnancies have to be monitored. Do convey to your doctor if you have had trouble conceiving or have ever had a miscarriage. Endometriosis is a situation and do not feel shy to expresses the same to the doctor.

Often stress and work profiles affect the mothers mental make up. Most offices are very cordial to an expectant mother and help her in coping with the morning sickness and other bodily discomfort. Martial harmony is essential and a supportive partner is a must for a smooth sailing pregnancy. Moreover older children if conditioned with the arrival of a new baby need lot of assurance and arrangements to be made not to hamper their regular extra curricular routines.

The first trimester is full of morning sickness, nausea, vomiting and aversion to food. Many do not gain much weight during this time and these problems are easily put to rest by having confidence in the doctors advise and prescriptions. Caffeine has to be restricted and also it not right to have uncovered food that seems so delicious on the roadside. Make time to cook the same dish at come or indulge the food made by your relatives. Doctors have several do and don’ts list as per the constitution of the pregnant women.

Hand books are also available with the doctor and regular check up of blood is prescribed in the prenatal schedule. Enquire if the gynecologist has a qualified physiotherapist who is skilled in prenatal classes. Lastly build up a bond and heed the gynecologists advise.