Ready to eat and the cola generation…

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 Apart from the behavior and the attitude, habits of young children and teens seem to be changing. This is especially true in case of food habits. Ready-to-eat industry is growing multifold. Ready- to – eat food has created comfort for mothers and a joy for children. However, it is important to retrospect whether consumption of such food by young kids is desirable or not. Along with the ready to eat food there are a host of cola brands in the country that are increasingly becoming the favorite drink amongst young children and teenagers.


Remember what it is said for infants- ‘mother’s milk is the best for a child in comparison to any other food that the baby takes. Similarly, ghar ka khana is the best for every child in comparison to packaged and tinned food. I do agree to  working women who find lack of time the result of increased consumption of ready to eat food in their household. But given the will, there are a lot of dishes that can be prepared in the morning that your child can consume later. Isn’t fifteen minutes of your time, cooking food for your loved one going to be beneficial?

Talk about colas – they are harmful for your teeth, your intestine, your throat… Acidic flavored additives that are present can damage the teeth’s enamel! Ready to eat food contains so many preservatives that actually harm the body in many ways. Hence, it is an advice to parents to check the ingredients and the nutrient chart before buying any food.