Relieving Exam Stress in Children

Exam Stress
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Have you noticed your child biting his nails a little too much during his exams? Or maybe eating too much? The reason is “Exam Stress”. Exams totally frighten children and they start worrying too much.

Parenting help is one of the most crucial things that can help children to relieve their stress. This can be possible by teaching your children stress management techniques.
Encourage your child to be confident and overcome their worries and ensure them that they will perform well. However, make sure that the encouragement doesn’t lead to over expectations because that will instead pressurize your child and add to his stress.

Support and cheer them up and assure them that you love them. Help them set up a schedule for their studies, and assist them in keeping up to that schedule. But don’t make any concrete rules for the studying.

Make them follow a healthy and balanced diet since the intakes play a key role in relieving stress. Encourage them to exercise and sleep on time. At least eight hours of sleep is mandatory for every individual. This will help them concentrate and think better and ease out the tension.

Avoid criticizing your children and support them. Listen to their queries without getting angry or irritated at them. Once the exams begin, have a discussion with him about every exam. Also, if the exam does not go too well, encourage them to focus on the next exam and do better.

Furthermore, if your child doesn’t fare well in his/her exams, explain to them that the world doesn’t end there and there is a lot they can look forward to. Adults are not the only people suffering from stress and hypertension. Children are equally prone to straining themselves and it is the duty of the parent to help them relieve this stress with a lot of love, care, affection and support.