Resolving conflicts

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Every human being has the tendency to enter into an argument, and so do children. Some of them aren’t too loud whereas the others are influential. However when arguments convert into fights, it can get difficult for the parents to handle. It is the duty of every parent to teach their children how to come out of resolving conflicts without making it a big issue. They should be able to resolve disagreements successfully.Resolving conflicts

The most important thing that parents can do is be an example for your children. Whenever you are in your conflict or argument handle it calmly, the way you would want your child to handle it. Believe it or not, your child subconsciously tries to imitate you in every way. Next thing to keep in mind is that when your children are fighting, don’t yell at them because you are trying to teach them keep calm and you can’t do that by screaming.
Explain to them that fighting is not a solution and it’s the wrong way out. Ask them to relax whenever they are enraged or angry. Teach them skills to calm down and maintain their cool like taking a deep breath or counting backwards.
Teach them how to share their belongings, like sharing their toys with their friends or younger siblings to avoid disputes. Never, even unintentionally, take sides. Partiality can be very harmful. Every time your child resolves a dispute calmly, appreciate him by maybe giving him something he likes, maybe a chocolate. This would encourage him to keep his cool and gradually it will become a part of his attitude.
Provide normal, rational consequences when your child starts a fight. Make him realize that fighting will worsen the situation. For example, if your children are fighting over the television remote, switch off the television so that both of them can’t watch it.
These small things will affect your child’s personality to a great extent when he grows up and faces the world.