School curriculum for preschoolers

School curriculum for preschoolersSchool curriculum for preschoolers
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A growing child is in awe of everything around her. All kids are endowed with intelligence except that it has to be stimulated well. The age till five and eight is a very receptive stage. Like a sponge they have the ability to soak knowledge. The sensory skills are very much highlighted and most of their communication is done with emotions or touch. As they progress, learn to talk and write, their mode of expressions gets logical and they pose us with many queries.

Preschools are very important to form a base for academics. Many of the pre schools believe in a fun way of studying and improving motor skills. They want to feel and touch objects and attempt to express with gestures. Kids who are two year old may or may not verbally communicate and this should not be a hindrance to their growth. Block puzzles and simple card games are an easy way to make them understand.

Concepts are essential and can be categorized as numbers, vehicles, alphabets, games, expressions and poems. The easiest way to begin their bonding and interaction is by way of action-expression based songs like Hickory Dickory dock or the Little Miss Muffet. With progressive interactive sessions, kids also learn by fun videos which gently tell them to press the right button and win a smiley score. They love to click or press the keys to get the right answer.

Numbers have to be said aloud till five and then go on to ten. Slowly holding their tiny fingers we can guide them to count. This is easily learnt by them. Along with the same slanting, sleeping and circular drawings help them to hold the grip of the crayon. Use durable long-think crayons to help them hold it strongly. Introduction to colors can be done with self learning. Creating groups to come dressed in reds, blues, greens and yellow is an effortless way to learn.

Able and guided professionals can also conduct seminars to begin a mom n child session to help them learn many other areas of developing motor skills. Art, painting and cooking also helps them to learn about textures.