Child wear shoes

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Making your child wear shoes is indeed no child’s play. Many a times parents come across situations where they have to force their little ones to wear shoes and sometimes this becomes quite a nightmare for poor mummies and daddies. Parents especially the first timers usually receive so many advices from their elder ones that they are constantly worried about their babies; however the idea is to not fret. There is nothing drastically wrong about not wearing shoes. The feet of a baby are constantly developing and the fact is that being barefoot actually helps to strengthen foot muscles and promote balance. Somehow parents have a misconception that babies who wear shoes learn to walk faster. This is absolutely a myth. There has been no research to validate this belief.child wear shoesParents should remember that they should leave their babies barefoot as much as possible. Let your baby experience different surfaces such as grass, marble, and sand and others.
So the next question that parents have is what kind of shoes should they buy for their children? Buy Shoes with a thin, soft sole that will help your baby to feel the ground. Buy shoes of a lighter material for your child’s comfort. This will also help the foot to develop. Prefer canvas shoes than synthetic shoes, as they promote circulation of air. Check the flexibility of the shoes before buying. Last but not the least, choose the right size. Tight shoes can confine the natural growth of your baby’s feet. And bigger size tends to come off easily.