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Short holidays are more memorable. An impromptu weekend trip to the nearby lake or island is a wonderful way to get rejuvenated. Kids love surprises and it is an ideal way to offer them an incentive. Most resorts have indoor and outdoor games for entertainment. Chalking up a budget would be ideal for surprise trips but for planned trips the budget needs more planning and saving. Keeping recession times in mind, weekend trips to hill stations can be planned with saving options in transport or using the advantage of group bookings.


Waterfalls are loved by all of us. Carry a few essentials and clothes for changing in the backpack. First aid essentials are very important. It is always better to carry a few home made snacks like banana wafers, brown bread sandwiches or teplas which last longer. Kids are impulsive about food and it is better to stock oneself with water and ready eatables.

More the merrier is apt for such getaways. If kids are older then hikes are really interesting. Use an intelligent backpack and comfy shoes so that there are no problems. There are escorted trips and guides which feature in newspapers or camps that teach us about environment. Prior to any hike it is better to build the stamina by long walks. A bar of chocolate is very essential to combat hunger pangs or drop in sugar levels.

Weekday trips are also easy as the crowd is less and one can avail of non seasonal discounts. The prices for boarding is almost half during such times, provided you get the requisite leave. Arranging a swimsuit, beach play things, is important for you. Learn to enjoy making a sand castle, collecting shells and watching the increasing waves. Click a lot of pictures for memories to regale after the trip.

Holidays are required for all of us to break the routine. Even a drive to the nearby getaway brings relief and also helps to break the monotony. Kids need to understand that homework needs to be completed well in advance and that projects have to meet deadlines so as not to face unnecessary problems in school. As you elaborate on the area of visit, kids are only eager to finish the homework and also help you with the packing.