Signs of Bad Parenting!

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There are various signs that indicate that you are being a bad parent. Your actions speak more of you in front of your child rather than just your words. You must take proper action to make sure your child is happy about you and enjoys being in your company. However, there are times that wont be easy but still, you must stick to the rule book as parenting requires commitment in all its sense.Signs of bad Parenting:

Signs of bad Parenting:

    • Avoiding/Ignoring/Neglecting your child – This leads to the child feeling very low of themselves and may lead to loneliness in them.
    • Physical abuse.
    • Mental/Verbal abuse.
    • Complaining to others about your children.
    • Complaining to your children about anything in the world or even about them.
    • Criticizing them.
    • Comparing children with other children.
    • Forcing them to work according to your choices.
    • Being demanding.
    • Fighting with your spouse/other people in front of your children.
    • Condemning them.
    • Bickering/shouting/screaming in front of them.
    • Mis-understanding /Mis-communicating/ Mis-interpreting/ Mis-representing their thoughts, words and deeds.
    • Worrying too much about your children.
    • Not keeping faith in your belief that your child can achieve whatever he/she wants to.
    • Not motivating your child.
    • Not talking with them or hugging them.
    • Restricting their thoughts/action/feelings to a certain limit.
    • Punishing them often or throwing anger on them.
    • Not looking after their daily life – habits/thinking/feelings/actions/choices/decisions.
  • Most importantly, demoralizing and de-motivating them.

Punishment is required when a child does something very ridiculous but it is not the option at most times. Children get worse when they are extensively punished for even small matters or matters not worth it. Punishment is just to teach them a lesson that they must behave “consciously” and “intelligently” with a conscientious will before doing anything in life. Once they have learned that lesson, you wont have even worry about them.

Please add pointers below this posts so that we can expand the list of bad parenting signs and traits that lead to devastation in the lives of our very sweet children. Happy Parenting!