Spanking Children: Good or Bad?

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Children are innocent and spanking children encourages to behave worse. You cannot beat a child just because he/she is crying incessantly for something or some reason even if it gets too irritating.

There will be situations wherein:

  • Your child behaves irrationally.
  • Your child does not respond properly.
  • Your child does not perform adequate responsibilities responsibly.
  • Your child keeps disturbing you all the time.
  • Your child is demanding your attention.
  • Your child did something that they shouldn’t.

“Whatever the situation is, spanking children is not a right solution”

Spanking Children

As they grow you wish to make them learn to behave responsibly. Thus, you must teach them that spanking other people isn’t good at all. There can be an exceptional situation such as when someone spanks them, they can return the favor to defend themselves. But that too should be avoided if possible. There can be another exception too. when they behave worse and highly abusive in any manner, you can spank them.

Remember, when you spill anger on other people in front of your child or spill anger over your child, your child models your thought process and performs accordingly. A child thinks that whatever their parents do is okay even if the parent is encouraging violent behavior.

Discipline cannot be encouraged through means of physical punishment. It has to be encouraged through peaceful means.

Parents must not teach their children that “Anger is good” and “Violence is okay” in any form. Don’t show off your anger in front of your children. Learning so, they tend to get worse than ever. Avoid spanking your child at all costs so as to not encourage bad behavior from your children. Be A Good Parent Today! Happy Parenting!