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The Language Dilemma

Language plays a great role in one’s career graph. Naturally, parents feel clueless about where should they put their child, in English medium school or Hindi medium? Parents must be decisive about this quagmire. There are several choices as far as schools are concerned. On one hand, there is this...
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Boarding School

Boarding Schools and Children

Boarding schools are a popular concept among parents. Also known as residential schools, they are basically educational institutions. Kids live with fellow students and teachers at boarding schools away from their families. It is institute’s responsibility to provide food and lodging facilities to...
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Ancient Education System

Ancient Education System of India

India has a great reputation of being the foremost bearer of world education system since ancient times. Education has played in major role in shaping the tradition, culture and intellectual wealth of the people of India. The country introduced the concept of Gurukul system. It was way beyond a mere...
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