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Hobby: The Platform To Develop A Child’s Strength!

Every child loves to do something or the other. Children love to do a certain thing again and again because they sincerely enjoy doing the same utmost. Thats the time when they choose their hobby. If a child is given a chance to pursue a career in their chosen interests or most certainly any hobby, ...
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Different Parenting Styles!

Parenting with care is important and sometimes, we require to understand our child better to change their behavior. For that, we require to understand our own parenting style. 1. Permissive parenting: Parents love their children very much such that they become overindulgent with their kids and let t...
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Connect With Your Child

Christmas: An Opportunity To Connect With Your Child!

Most parents know what christmas is all about though some parents would not be very well aware about its history. If you are not aware, thats okay. Christmas is all about celebrating the birth of the son of god, Jesus Christ! Parenting children is a muse. Parents can learn a lot by parenting their c...
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Child Develop

Helping A Child Develop Self-Control!

The child is at a stage when it hasn’t come out of its shell properly i.e. matured properly but is in the process of finding its own way up the ladder. So, how does a good parent help their Child Develop control over their own life, and themselves? Small children have no or little awareness [&...
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Good Parenting Values

Good Parenting Values: Consciousness

Often it’s the case with parents themselves who do not realize who they are and what they want to become in life. Its important for parents to know Good Parenting Values so they can guide their children. It’s parents who are often not clear of what they are looking forward to achieving...
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Parenting Children

Things To Be Taken care While Parenting Children!

Most children do what they see, hear or as per their experience. Especially small children have no understanding of good/bad, right/wrong, legal/illegal, etc. Until children mature by themselves, they have no decision making power unless an amount of responsibility is placed upon their shoulders. Ge...
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motivated child

How to keep a child motivated?

When a child is small, it requires every small appreciation from its parents to do the right things. As a good parent, it becomes your responsibility to handle your child carefully. Children are very sensitive and so a parent must remain careful to make sure, a child’s belief system is not inf...
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How to deal with Children who cry a lot!

Is it that you have a single child and that you love your child very much. But sometimes the situation can get dramatic for you especially when you go out with your spouse and child. For instance, your child starts crying incessantly and hysterically when she does not get what she wants. In such a [...
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