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Sensory Communication: A Powerful Way To Communicate With Children!

Communication is the most crucial element of parenting children. However, children can get influenced by many ways and one of them is a powerful mode of communication that we practice regularly in our daily lives: Sensory Communication. When children are small, they communicate more through their se...
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Parenting Skills

Good Parenting Skills!

Children require that special touch, that special hug, that special kiss, that special ‘attention’ from their parents (Parenting Skills)… that makes them feel great about being a son or daughter of their parents. Children are naturally delicate when they are adolescent and require ...
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Be a Idol to Your Child!

Children, when they are growing up, look forward to a role model for guidance. They look forward to someone with whom they can resonate with and ask questions whenever they want. They look forward to someone who will inspire them, who they can model exactly to become what they want to. Children lear...
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motivated child

How to keep a child motivated?

When a child is small, it requires every small appreciation from its parents to do the right things. As a good parent, it becomes your responsibility to handle your child carefully. Children are very sensitive and so a parent must remain careful to make sure, a child’s belief system is not inf...
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Spending Quality Time

Spending Quality Time with Child

There was a father who believed in making lots of money and had a child who wanted to be embraced by his father every day when he came back from work. The child waited for his father to arrive soon as it was already 10.00 PM in the night. Soon… It became 11.00 PM… The […]...
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A Healthy Lifestyle

A Healthy Lifestyle leads to healthy life

A child must be taught a healthy lifestyle during his/her early stages of life. If the habits of maintaining a healthy lifestyle are developed within the child’s behavior. When a child is young enough, their mind, body and spirit can be mentored to absorb any lifestyle quickly over a period of...
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Teenage Child

Effectively Communicating with Teenage Child!

Teenagers can be found ridiculously confused at times. Thats’ because they go through a phase of peer, family and academic pressure. They are into a stage when they go through tremendous physiological and psychological changes, and they are slowly and steadily transforming into young adults. I...
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Motivating children

Motivating children to study

How many kids love to study? Well, answer is not so inspiring enough. But kids are like that only. They are not willing to study. Instead they would prefer to watch TV, play games or just wandering around. They will often remind you of your own childhood. How we as children, used to bunk classes [&h...
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