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Good Parenting Tip: Handling Examination Stress!

Maintain a calm atmosphere in the house. Let your child relax a few hours in the day. If your child is studying all day long, do not disturb them while they are sleeping or studying. Ask your child to go for a walk or go outside for at least 15-30 minutes after 8-10 hours of […]...
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Good Parenting Tip: Let Your Child Develop Their Dream!

Children love fairy tales is what we all know. They love fantasies and dream them a lot. Many times, they might ask you to narrate them stories that make them wonder what the world is all about. The fact they love to know what the world is all about is encouraging in itself because it […]...
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Parenting Tip : Listening

Parents build a hue and cry once their kid will one thing wrong. if truth be told this worsens things even additional as a result of it’s possibly that the parent has not understood what went wrong and why, however most oldsters have the habit of “lecturing” their youngsters into d...
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