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How To Handle Extremely Playful Children!

Many-a-times, your child will ask you: “Can I go and play mama?” And you will be annoyed at the fact that your child just loves to do nothing else but play wonderfully all day. In fact, your child just keeps playing rather than study all day long. Now you are feeling let down and disturb...
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Parenting Naughty Children !

Children have to be naughty because they wish to experience the true nature of life. If your child is not a little naughty, then it is possible there is something very wrong with your child or there isn’t any problem either. If you expect your child to not behave naughtily then you’re ...
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Good Parenting Tip: Cure To A Child's Anxiety!

Good Parenting Tip: Cure To A Child’s Anxiety!

Often children get worried about exam results and how will they do a certain thing. They often find themselves in the midst of tensions, fear and lots of anxiety because they do not understand a lot of things. Here are few Good Parenting Tip to help you cure your child Child Anxiety. Often childre...
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Helping Your Child Cope Up With School Pressures!

Schooling children are often found to be confused and anxious about dealing school pressures and being good at academics in particular. Apart from studies, there is a pressure to compete with other students in the class. That only doubles the stress, tensions and anxiety within a child. However, if ...
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Examination Stress

Does Your Child Suffer From Academic Or School Problems?

Some children do really well in studies as well are good in overall activities at school. They are very much interested in studying what is being taught in school. They would be very good at managing their relationships socially as well. They do not need to be told.. ” Hey Rohan! You should be...
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Marks Don't Matter

Good Parenting Tip: Marks Don’t Matter As Much As Joy Does!

Every parent dreams of their child securing the 1st rank in academics and dreaming such is certainly not a crime. Definitely, dreaming is good for your health, wealth and well-being. But your dreams should not create undue pressures for your children. For instance, you must not expect your child to ...
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homework problems

Homework Problems

It’s a story at everyone’s house when it comes to children and their homework. It is one of the most difficult tasks to get your child do his homework. But there are a number of things that you can do to avoid homework problems disrupting your child’s life.Right before school starts, schedule ...
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Good Parenting

Good Parenting Tip: Handling Exam Failures Of Your Children!

It is exam time and children are hyped out with pressure to bring better marks than their peers. Not only that, they have to please every one around without a choice. But there are certain kind of children who feel guilty if they do not please their parents, especially if they fail. The guilt that [...
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School bullying

Parents role in helping the Child to Cope up With Bullying In School!

The reasons why a child is bullied: Some children experience fear at home, society and other places such as school. As you might be aware that most children cannot handle fear, as they tend to be very sensitive during their early stages of life. A child when studying in a primary or secondary school...
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