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Respect Teachers

Teach Your Child to Respect Teachers

 Apart from parents, teachers play a major role in shaping up the future of children.so it is must to respect Teachers. Teachers love their profession simply because one, they get the opportunity to pass their knowledge and secondly they have a passionate attachment with their subject and job. Yes,...
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School bullying

Parents role in helping the Child to Cope up With Bullying In School!

The reasons why a child is bullied: Some children experience fear at home, society and other places such as school. As you might be aware that most children cannot handle fear, as they tend to be very sensitive during their early stages of life. A child when studying in a primary or secondary school...
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A Healthy Lifestyle

A Healthy Lifestyle leads to healthy life

A child must be taught a healthy lifestyle during his/her early stages of life. If the habits of maintaining a healthy lifestyle are developed within the child’s behavior. When a child is young enough, their mind, body and spirit can be mentored to absorb any lifestyle quickly over a period of...
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