Teacher plays vital role in Childhood

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At some point of time, we have been in awe of our teachers. Disciplined, gentle, rock solid and guiding, a teacher is the ultimate symbol of respect. The typical standard of the guru shishya tradition in our India is changing to a more congenial atmosphere. New age deans and teachers are able to understand the importance of opening up with the students.

Teens are often in a stage where they find it difficult to go through anything that is restricting. It is important for them to be free and yet they require guidance. Parents are the best teachers during this phase. It is many times easy to learn rather than to teach. Teaching requires preparation and putting across the values without sounding it as a doctrine.

Anything in the world is about a bond. It stays with us for a life time. If we actually go back to our kindergarten days we must Thank God for the wonderful teachers and especially helpers who helped us stay there despite we eagerly waiting for our parents to fetch us. We as parents must inculcate deep respect and love for teachers. Once the bond is struck, children find that teachers are their best confidante.

Kids usually have an affinity for people who are caring. Pre schoolers find it difficult to adjust in a new environment, but if we as parents tell them about the virtues of their new teacher it will make it easy for all of us. Teachers do not demand anything except a bit of respect. This is automatically generated in the minds of students as they keenly look forward to learning new things as for them the teacher is the ultimate destination.

Learning never ends in life but many times we lack the presence of a good teacher. Let us help the child bond and love their teachers as they tread on life’s path in field of knowledge, sports and other activities.