Teaching children about religion

teaching children
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Children are exposed to various aspects in school and their interaction makes them wonder about several things in life. The continuous questions they ask makes it difficult for us to answer them aptly. The religion of the child does matter despite us living in a cosmopolitan environment. Children are made to understand that they are Hindu or Christians. The schools generally follow a certain faith in terms of prayers and which is conveyed to students.

Teaching children with too many stories about religion will not be a right thing. Following an ordained religion and yet respecting other religions is vital for a child’s growth. Children are the future of tomorrows India and hence it is our duty to not make them prejudiced about the various demarcations made by culture and religion. There is something very positive about prayer; it is like being with a higher self and airing all your problems.

Prayer at home is necessary. Verses in Sanskrit, Urdu or the excerpts from the Bible are based on the supreme message that there is God above us to guide and correct us when we falter. Children are innocent in their mind and hence it is easy for us to make them understand about the importance of prayer. Religion definitely seems to be a path which we observe for expressing our love to God but this may not become the central theme of life.

In India we have so many castes, subcastes and culture but education and intermingling of seamless geography is the only way we can interact. Our goal as parents is to give a complete all round development to our progeny. The wealth of knowledge gained by education surpasses all the trivial things that are these days taken as violence in the name of religion. Do feel free to share your views about how to explain to kids about religion.