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Parenting teenage children is a phase in life. All of us think of the old times when we as teenagers had aspirations and many dreams to make it big. The simple snack at a hotel or the outing with friends gave us immense joy. Times have changed and todays youth is an intelligent variety. They make us learn the I pod and also teach us to delve deeply in matters of education. This is a time of their life and we as parents can make it memorable with our support.

Teenage life is about a lively attitude and parents can always guide them to be direct in their approach. Being a friend to a teenager takes a lot of our time and patience. Just as different individuals make a good team at our workplace, a family is also about respecting each ones views and yet conforming to the bond of love. Kids require attention at all times. As your teenage daughter gets ready for your prom, help her with the make up and also express to her your concern about the time she will get back home.

Trust them and they will confide in you. Casually mention to them about all the dangers possible and to exercise control and practice restraint even when they are goaded by others. Call over their friend’s home for an evening party and let them get to know you. Once they understand that you approve of their friendship matters will be a bit easy. Often parents feel that teenagers while away their time or demand everything readymade. Here we need to explain to them about their responsibilities and their duty to at least take care of their belongings.

Give them certain chores and express that you are upset when they do not meet the timelines. Draw attention to the variety they have in their wardrobe and let them justify their demand for more clothes. Enroll them in activity class of their choice and ask them what color they would like to do up their room for this Xmas. Let them choose an outfit for you and appreciate their sense of freedom. Compassion wins hearts and teens love their parents.