The Language Dilemma

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Language plays a great role in one’s career graph. Naturally, parents feel clueless about where should they put their child, in English medium school or Hindi medium? Parents must be decisive about this quagmire. There are several choices as far as schools are concerned. On one hand, there is this pertinent question of a child being in touch with his mother tongue whereas at the same time, knowing the importance of English, it also makes sense to enroll the kid in an established English school. A child going to an English school will gain exposure to English and in the later years he/she will be very comfortable with the language. He will also have a good command over Hindi thanks to his daily exposure to parents, films, music and normal communication. But if a child goes to Hindi school, there are high chances of his struggling with the English language in the later part of his life.

 Language Dilemma

In modern life, English is very important in career. Check out any entrance examinations; whether it’s MBA, MCA, GMAT, TOEFL etc, they all require proficiency in English. Many youngsters prefer to go abroad to pursue further study. For them, life would be miserable if they don’t have good command over the language. He will need to prove his comfort with the language before he is allowed to go abroad.

Most of the jobs in India are available in private industry. There also, presence of vast number of multinational companies can be seen. These companies require English. Suppose, the company decides to send the employee to abroad, how will he communicate if he does not have any command over the English language? Many companies don’t even consider a job application if English proficiency is not up to the mark. Apart from that if the child is interested in media industry he must have adequate command over the language. Finally, it pays to be equally proficient in both languages.