Tips for Good Parenting

Good Parenting
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Contrary to the general believe, good parenting is more about discovering the potentials inherent in children with the combination of methods that preserve their self respect, compassion and responsibility. Parents should be wearied of applying the traditional approach of discipline and primitive measure that most of the time lead children to be hard rather than turning a new leaf. Your children can be sooner than later become responsible if the following tips can be adhered to:

1. BE A ROLE MODEL: Most parents consciously or unconsciously expose their wards to hostility even at home. Children thrive in environments where parents live in harmony. By your actions or inactions, do not subject your children to negative and psychological torture. Becoming invaluable role model for your kids make them promising grown up leader. Your schedule of duties are not enough excuse to abandon your family uncared for, remember if you sow anything into them now, you will sooner than latter reap it in hundred fold.

2. CHERISH YOUR CHILDREN: Always see yourself as fortunate to have children; several women are prepared to forgo anything else to have their own children. That you are blessed with children calls for your love and care. It is not enough to buy them gifts; you can as well demonstrate your true love by giving them hug few times a day. Let them be aware through your speech how proud you are being their parents.

3. TRAIN YOUR CHILDREN HOW TO FISH: You are not assisting your children by fishing for them every now and then. Do not over pamper them to be so dependent on you thereby killing their initiative. So give your children opportunity to grow and be hold enough to face the challenges of life.

4. Appreciate their strength and potentials: While you reprimand your children of their wrong doing, focus more on what you love in them. Acknowledge those small things they do well so that they can be motivated to improve on it. Failure to do so may frustrate them into vice habit that may be difficult for them to drop in the future.

5. COMMAND RESPECT AND GIVE RESPECT: Remember the popular saying that says respect is reciprocal. This implies that you do to your children what you expect them to do to you in return. It is obvious that spitting, hitting and nagging are excluded from the list of peaceful home atmosphere. You can productively resolve stress, misunderstanding and usual bad habit.

6. If you must fight, do so with wisdom and dignity. As much as possible, give your kids the sense of being in control of some particular issue of their life at the same time clearly spell out their limitations. Stipulate the family dos and don’ts but do not be too rigid.

7. CREATE FURNITURE FOR THE FAMILY: a work without play, they say make jack a dull boy. To prevent dullness and boredom, it is advisable that you make time for entertainments and relaxation. This brings out unity, love and informal relationship.