Top 10 tips for good parenting

good parenting
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good Parenting is a very evolving experience. Once a parent, we can actually feel ourselves looking at the world with a different perspective. Our ideals and dreams seem to be changing and we want the very best for our children. Children are adorable with their innocence and adaptive nature but we must also regard them as individuals. Our passion for ethnic handicrafts must be in total contrast to their penchant for Chinese tattoos and this is an area for compromise and understanding.

 Patience is the most important ingredient for parenting. I feel this is a cultivated skill and once practiced regularly it becomes habitual. This also becomes infectious as there are fewer arguments at home.

 Assertive means not aggressive but firm in ideals. Making a point clear is important. A toddler needs to understand that this cartoon is not good for watching just as the teenager needs to observe time lines with night-outs.

 Making time is the only option all of us have. Make time and enjoy parenting. Schedule time for students sports, charity, mud play, lazy Sundays, serious math homework and brunch cooking. Plan simple getaways or a trip to visit your ma-in-law.

 Honesty is one virtue that is getting rare. Kids emulate us and often notice our failures. Keep up the promise you made even you have to slog extra man hours at work or chores at home on a Friday night if you need to take the kids to the water park on Saturday morning.

 Realistic people are firm in their practical approach. Constantly cribbing about recession or mundane chores will make kids realize that something is not okay. If you need to talk to someone then do it close doors and far away from children who are extremely influenced by negative talk.

 Gratitude is the only thing that is a saving grace. Thank God for such lovely children and the opportunity to work hard. Believe that good times will come and the bad days will pass just like the cold flu.

 Youthfulness is about the mind. Stay young for yourself. Groom well and look nice. Take care of the ailing foot and stay fit with diet and exercise. Kids adore these qualities.

 Express and do not sulk. If your teenage daughter has an outrageous fashion sense then be open about it. Talk to her and sit her down. Bottling things inside will result in cold war.

 Learning to cook a new meal or to do a math sum is not really tough if you wish to try hard. Life is full to a person who wants to learn. Kids also learn to be self reliant like their parents.

 Value money and opportunity. Easy money for kids will make them succumb to vanity. If the skating gear at the wholesale shop is cheaper then An imported gear can be invested for a special championship.