Are You Considering Tuition for your Child?

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We hear a lot of times children going to tuitions at a very young age, and for too many subjects. Tuitions have their advantages as well as disadvantages. Without tuitions, the child may not be disciplined enough to sit down, revise what he has been taught at school, or complete his homework. As a result, his final grades suffer.

Although parents and teachers do not support the concept of tuitions, one has to remember that unless you send your child to too many tuitions, it really doesn’t mean that you are burdening your child too much.

Many children have a great time in school. They fool around during class, pay no attention to what the teacher is saying, and play around with friends in school during the breaks. After this, they come home with homework that shouldn’t take them more than a couple of hours a day. Of course, many children leave their homework undone until the last minute, and then they either stay up late doing it, or don’t do it at all and just copy everything from friends the next day.

So it really doesn’t matter if you start your child on tuitions when they are a little younger. If you think it is right for your child, don’t let other parents discourage you from doing so. The decision should be solely yours and your child’s. Janam and Rita were both wondering if they should start tuitions for their 11-year-old daughters. Their friends discouraged them saying the children are too young and will be overburdened, and Janam dropped the idea, while Rita enrolled her child for Math tuitions. The result? There was a marked improvement in Rita’s child’s grades, and the Math tuitions were held for just one hour, twice a week. A small sacrifice, for large gains.

The best part about tuitions is that your child gets to revise what he did in school, and as a result the subject matter gets firmly entrenched in his mind. If your child is strong in studies or is disciplined and revises his schoolwork on a daily basis, you don’t need to send him for extra coaching at a young age. But if you feel his grades need a push, you could always try sending him for tuitions and see if it makes a difference.

Children that don’t pay attention in class often have no idea as to what has been covered, much less understand the subject. What they then do is start cramming a month before the exams and manage to get through.

Finally its up to the parent. If you feel that your child is capable enough to study on his own, then tuitions are unnecessary, since they’ll prove to be an overburden. However, you think your child is intelligent and will do much better only if he were more hardworking, you could consider getting tuitions for him.