What Is Good Parenting?

Good Parenting
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Good parenting is blessing which involves nurturing a child in warmth of motherhood & love of fatherhood. Good parenting is not in-born quality it comes over period of time. The environment is teacher for people & peoples give to their children only what they have learned. Many peoples become panic, confused about what to do to become good parents while they are going to be parents. Peoples buy various books available on parenting skills. But books are not enough to teach all the things required for good parenting. Good parenting can be defined as showering love, care, positive energy & giving right direction to child. Child’s physical, social, emotional & moral development depends upon the way in which parents give love & care.

The other side of good parenting apart from love & care is responsiveness & understanding. For good parenting understanding is the key element. Understanding child’s needs, desires, expectations, encouraging child for his better doings, demanding discipline with softness & fostering values are essentials for good parenting. Parents should noticed & understand the changing desires, needs & changing demands causes due to generation gap. Parents can better understand their children by bridging the generation gap. Children are like wet clay. They can mold in any shape, any form depends on their parents in which form they want to mold them. Parent should not force their own ambitions on children.

The love, care, attention & guidance given by the parents make their child a responsible citizen of the society. Even if it is true that love & attention of parents help their child to grow in better way but parent should not agreed for every forceful desire of their child. Parents should clearly explain to their children what is good & what is bad for them. If parents unable to explain why don’t they fulfill the desire of children then it leaves a negative impact on parent-children relationship. The parents should not scold their children for small reasons which cause a lot of fear & depression in children.

Good Parenting is learning & understanding children behavior which helps in the growth & development of the children.